"Apples of New York"  has received a 5 STAR review from an Amazon reader.

The Apples of New York tells the exciting story of the apple from the gods of Paradise to its arrival from Europe to New York and how the state became known as "The Big Apple"- Mountain Eagle, N.Y.

"Following the Afro-American" is very apt, making the story of Apples of New York into a kind od detective story. Stuart Harris author of The Human Factor: a guide to the novels of Graham GreeneA.L. DuBois takes the reader on a wonderful journey that includes the apples. It teases the senses.-  Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Journal

Ever wonder why New York is referred to as the "Big Apple" The author tells this complex story along with beautiful illustrations of Heritage apples , delicious recipes and so much more.- Hudson Valley Magazine

There is nothing better than a good story about people and plants. If you like to read about plants, people and history too, you should read "Apples of New York"-

Tania Marien

Ever wonder how New York came to be called "The Big Apple"? So did A.L. DuBois who in her book "Apples of New York tells us the whole exciting story deliciously and beautifully. Almanac Weekly Magazine

If you love apples, this exquisitely illustrated book is for you. If reading about apples makes you hungry, don't worry recipes are included with locations for Heritage apples, also festivals all within their historic background.- The Hudson River Valley Review